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Welcome to the monthly edition of Match made in Seven! The theme of this month is chosen and is: STYLE RESOLUTIONS! And this wasn’t an easy one to work with so perhaps I did something else?

We are an international group of fashion bloggers who meet once a month. One of us chooses a theme in turn, and that can be anything. A book, music, a color, a movie. And then we style an outfit based on that theme.

Also take a look at the other bloggers how they have interpreted the theme this month.

🇾🇪 : Deze blogposts zullen in het Engels geschreven zijn, dit I.v.m. de Internationale bezoeksters!

Style Resolutions

What a theme isn’t it? I just can’t do anything with it! Because I don’t do Style Resolutions in the first place! Fashion is for me, updating my wardrobe every season and buying new things.

In Dutch Resolutions is like solving problems and fashion isn’t a problem! So I did last week something like Re-styling your clothes and that’s more me.

For 2020 I check what the new Pantone colors are and then I look at my wardrobe and buy things that would be perfect for the new Springtime.


Style old with new

I bought a brown skirt several month’s ago… I love it… it would be perfect with Lila!

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Style more colours

You know I love black, but the older I get, the more I need color in my life!

Black still is a good basic, so in this collage I show you 2 styles!

Style, resolutions, style resolutions, match, made, in, seven, fashion, fashionista, blog

Play with accessories

Another thing to stay trendy in 2020 is using accessories in the colors that are hot at the moment!

Perhaps you have a second hand store in the neighborhood or you are creative and make your own!

Shop in your own wardrobe

Before I buy new things I first try to make a good look from things I already own. It also better for your wallet!

Party look

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I have a Party this week and I was searching for a nice lace top! Then I realized I bought one this summer! So, it is to cold to wear now, but with a longsleve underneath it will be awesome!


Shop in sale for Spring and Summer

I love to shop in the Sale! And love to look for colors you can wear for a long time!

So I bought this shirt for a few euro’s and I love the print and that little detail with a little bit of sparkle!

Style, resolutions, style resolutions, match, made, in, seven, fashion, fashionista, blog

And is it too hot? Cut of the sleeves!

I hope I did a great job! But next time ladies choose something more simple!



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    Tessa Bowie
    29 Jan 2020

    Wat een leuke looks

    31 Jan 2020

    You are sharing some great looks that you totally rock. You dont need any resolutions

    1 Feb 2020

    Wat ben je weer creatief geweest! Ik zou dit ook een lastig thema vinden, vind het knap wat je ervan gemaakt hebt! Van jouw outfits is de eerste mijn favoriet. Vind het een heel mooie en stoere outfit, helemaal Sonja als je het mij vraagt.

    abbygaëlle voyance derniere vidéo
    28 Sep 2023

    Enregistré tels que par téléphone ! J’adore votre
    blog !

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